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West Nyack, NY School Field Trips and Youth Groups
The Palisades Climb Adventure ropes course provides an exciting physical activity for kids of all ages.
We offer discounted rates for pre-booked groups with a min. of 15 people.

Whether your group is a field trip, youth group, summer camp, or scout troop, they will have a blast climbing the world’s tallest indoor ropes course.

The course is designed to accommodate all skill levels. More advanced athletes will discover a challenge while “just for fun” climbers will enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they conquer the course. Safety is the top priority for the Palisades Climb. A seat and chest harness is connected to a cable that keeps guests on the track at all times.

Understanding the commitment of the New York State Education Department to students’ health and fitness and considering the benchmarks of the Physical Education curriculum, we have developed the following lesson plans that can be performed while students test their endurance on the Palisades Climb Ropes Challenge Course.

Each lesson encompasses all Physical Education strands. The Ropes Challenge Course provides a safe environment and an excellent opportunity for students to engage in a physical activity outside the school setting. We look forward to seeing you and your students climb the indoor ropes course and conquering 75 different challenging obstacles in this existing one of a kind adventure. It’s time to get your group active, fit and climbing!